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Power of attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document issued by the Embassy of Afghanistan in Kuala Lumpur to those who wish to appoint a representative to pursue their legal case on their behalf in Afghanistan. Among many cases, these documents are commonly used for transferring power to a representative to pursue the applicant’s legal cases such as, buying or selling a property/land, applying for a Marriage Certificate or pursuing a divorce case in Afghanistan on behalf of the client.

Please note that we do not issue original documents such as original Marriage Certificates. We only issue a document of Power of Attorney to the applicant. It is then the applicant’s responsibility to send it to the intended representative and ensure he/she follows the required procedures in Afghanistan to obtain the original document required by the client.

The procedure for the Representative in Afghanistan

Once the Power of Attorney has been received by the client’s representative in Afghanistan, he/she will then need to visit the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul and present the original Power of Attorney to the relevant officials. The document will then be certified by them and the representative will then be sent to other official institutions such as, the Supreme Court or Ministry of Interior to follow the rest of the procedure to obtain the intended document. The representative will then need to send the obtained original document to the client personally.

Please note that applications that are incomplete and/or are missing necessary documentation and information will not be processed.

To apply for a Power of Attorney, the following are required:

  • The client(s) (the applicant(s) who wants to appoint a representative) must be present. The client(s) must be mature adult(s) and have full authority and responsibility for the case that they want to appoint a representative for.
  • Two mature adults (male) who agree to be official witnesses must also be present when making the application and bring with them a recent passport size photo, a photo ID and a proof of address each. The photos must be both recent and have been taken with a frontal view of the face looking straight into the camera, showing both ears.

In addition to the above, the following documents are required:

  • Completed and duly signed application form, which will be handed out on the day of the appointment.
  • One standard passport size photo for each client. The photo must be both recent and have been taken with a frontal view of the face looking straight into the camera, showing both ears.
  • A written proposal letter entitled to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to request for the provision of a Power of Attorney, clearly stating the subject and the responsibility that the client(s) would like to transfer to the specified representative. If the power of attorney is being applied for in connection to a property or land, the full address and Deed/Ownership Document number and date must also be specified in the letter.
  • An Afghan Identity card (Tazkira), attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul, of the applicant(s). If the applicant(s) do not have a Tazkira, they should bring their passports.
  • Proof of address of the applicant(s), such as driver’s license or a utility bill
  • Fee: You may refer to the consulate of this Embassy to inquire the fee.

Note: The original Power of Attorney document will be handed over to the client upon completion of the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check and confirm the content of the prepared Power of Attorney before signing it. The fee paid is non-refundable. Should any changes need to be brought to the content of the document, a new Power of Attorney must be applied for.

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