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The Ambassador meets the Minister of Tourism & Culture of Malaysia

minister-of-tourism-and-cultureMonday, November 28, 2016, H.E. Atiqullah Atifmal met Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri, the Minister of Tourism & Culture of Malaysia.

H.E. Atiqullah Atifmal appreciated the friendly cultural relations between Afghanistan and Malaysia which has a long history and thanked him for awarding the scholarships to the Afghan students to study in higher education institutions of Malaysia. He mentioned that if the visa issuance is facilitated for the Afghans generally and the students specifically, there will be many Afghans to visit Malaysia for the tourism and trade purposes and Afghan students will be able to study in Malaysian Universities.

Mr. Ambassador provided information about the tourism and cultural destinations of Afghanistan which are attracting tourists from around the world as well as talked about the Bakhter Treasury Heritage which has a history of 3000 years. The Bakhter Treasuries were exhibited in many countries such as China, Japan, U.S.A, South Korea, Italy and France which are one of the five international historical marvels.a89dcdead7411aaaaf49c2f8e86ca430

The Ambassador also spoke about the agricultural products of Afghanistan which are famous around the world, especially the dry fruits, saffron and pomegranate which are exported to many countries. The Ambassador gifted the minister the dry fruits and saffron from Afghanistan.

The minister thanked the Ambassador for the gift and assured him that he will follow up the visa facilitation issue for the students and the Afghans overall.

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