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97th Independence Day Celebration

Afghanistan Embassy in Malaysia celebrated the 97th Independence Day of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Kuala Lumpur, on 19th Aug 2016.

The ceremony, which was hosted by Ambassador Atifmal, has been attended by over 400 Afghan and International guests including professors, lecturers, students, businessmen and Afghans Nationals living in Malaysia.

In his opening keynote, Ambassador Atimfal began his talk by reading out the goodwill message of the President, His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, and Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, on the occasion of the 97th Independence Day to the audience in the hall.

Ambassador Atifmal said that “despite the foreign interventions and country’s imposed undeclared war, Afghanistan has grown tremendously”. H. E, by stressing the strategic geographical location of Afghanistan in connecting central Asia to South East Asia and leading to Europe has named the TAPI (Gas Pipeline), CASA 1000(Electricity), Salma Dam (Electricity), and Chabahar Port (Transition)  among the projects that are the examples of successful implementation of plans that were a dream of the country, for years.

He said that “by the end of Warsaw Summit on 8th July 2016, International Community pledged to continue the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan beyond 2016, by paying tribute to the efforts of all the members of the Afghan National Defense and security forces and promising that “Afghanistan will not stand alone and will never again become a safe heaven for terrorism”, which is an indicator to a secured and bright future of Afghanistan and its people.”

Later in his speech, Ambassador alluded to Ghazi Amanullah Khan the defender of Afghanistan’s Independence, but also the forming mind behind the Afghanistan’s first Foreign Policy.

His Excellency’s speech was followed by a talk by Prof. Dr. Naqib Ishan Jan about the Independence; and variety of other activities, and cultural performances.

Event was ended by a dinner and photo taking session.

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